For Providers

Thank you for taking a few moments to look at this website. Though providers are busier than ever these days, I am a firm believer in what studies are showing and what common sense dictates which is coordination of care consistently leads to better outcomes for our patients.

For all providers, to make an ideal referral, please call me at (919) 267-9813 or email me at to let me know if you want me to do a one-time consultation, joint treatment, or to assume care. The individual you wish to refer can then contact me at the same number to set up a specific time for an initial appointment. Of note, I am an out-of-net-work provider for all insurance carriers at this time. Also, please note email is not encrypted and may be vulnerable to being read by others.

Regarding working with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners, I am an allopathically trained psychiatrist who believes that CAM can be a useful adjunct to and less often a mainstay of treatment for many conditions. When evaluating CAM treatments for my patients, I look at the evidence for safety, efficacy, and then multiple other important factors in that order to determine if a particular type of CAM may be indicated for a patient.

Whether you are an Internist on staff at UNC or Duke, an Acupuncturist working in a small group practice, a LCSW or LPC in solo practice, or another type of provider in another setting, I look forward to working with you to serve the individuals of the Research Triangle Park. I also enjoy meeting providers in person to discuss treatment paradigms and to forge clinical relationships which will improve our patient outcomes for years to come.

Please call (919) 267-9813 to learn more about the practice, receive a free 5-10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Ose and begin getting help today.

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